22 thoughts on “New products have landed!

    • m455_Hew says:


      The website is totally legit which is why we are listed on Team Xecuters official resellers list.

      To be listed you have to order a large quantity of their products before they take careful consideration of your approval.

  1. Modmyswitch.co.uk says:


    Contact email is enquiries@modmyswitch.co.uk there was an issue with responces bouncing due to a website error. This is being addressed. Please forward an email to this address and we will address your issues accordingly. Thanks for your understanding .

    • Unhappy customer says:

      I’ve tried that address and it just bounces back.

      : host mx00.1and1.co.uk[] said: 550
      Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (in reply to RCPT TO

      I just want a refund now.

  2. m455_Hew says:

    Please provide order number and we will gladly provide a refund. As we will to any customer who would prefer a refund rather than waiting for stock procurement.


  3. customer says:

    Please refund for me, I can’t make contact on email address or though site 🙁

    Order #386 (July 19, 2018)

  4. k_ozmani says:

    Hi my SX Pro order now states on hold and I can see you are not taking any orders on the product any more. You stated you were expecting stock on Monday so has this stock arrived and is it enough stock to fullfill my order I made?

  5. thelazyghoul says:

    To the people questioning about their orders, I had mine delivered today so if you haven’t received yours yet I can’t imagine it would be much longer now.

    • m455_Hew says:


      We are working as quick as we can to ensure orders are delivered in a timely manner.

      The issues we face is with actual shipping of stock to us from Team Xecuters as the factory cannot produce the item quick enough to meet demand.

      We apologise wholeheartedly for any delay but rest assured we are doing our best and all orders will be fulfilled,



    • m455_Hew says:


      Yes we are totally legit.

      However, we are a small operation and unfortunately we struggle to keep customers 100% updates on their orders.As it is we spend time making sure we can get your stuff to you as quick as possible.

      We thank you for your custom and your patience.



  6. m455_Hew says:


    No it meant that we were taking no new orders until we had shipped what we had delivered.

    It cost us a considerable amount of business to do this but we felt that dealing with the orders we had queued rather than dealing with new business was the way to go.

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